Current Terms and Conditions are as per this page on our website. These Terms and Conditions supersede all others.

If we are unable to operate on the day of your skydive due to poor or unsafe weather conditions, we will offer to rebook your skydive for an alternative day. Times are subject to change in order to facilitate the smooth running of operations.

Qld Skydiving School reserve the right to postpone an adventure at any time in the event of adverse weather conditions, equipment, minimum numbers for an event not being met or other reasonable and unforeseen circumstances.

All payments made by credit card are subject to a non-refundable fee of 3%.

People under the age of 18 years must have parents/guardians written consent or
they must be present on the day to sign the necessary forms. Minimum age 12 years.

Weight limit is 100kg. Weights over this may still be considered if certain criteria can
be fulfilled and are subject to a $60 fee. (Up to 130kg)

Gift vouchers are NOT refundable if a skydive is cancelled due to weather, you may reschedule only.

Cancellations & late arrivals

The aircraft cannot be delayed for late arrivals, so if you are not there on time, you will miss your seaton the aircraft, which means you forfeit the skydive and all monies paid. (No exceptions) To rebook your skydive after a late arrival, there is a $100 rebooking fee. Seat availability may not be that same day.It’s easy to avoid this situation – BE ON TIME PLEASE!

To receive a REFUND or RE-BOOK your skydive, we require you to give notice of your cancellation at least SEVEN (7) working days before your booked date. Bookings cancelled after three days will forfeit all money paid, or are subject to a $100 rebooking fee. Bookings cancelled by customer request (more than 7 days prior to booking) are subject to a 20% administration fee when refunded.

Gift Vouchers are valid for 6 months only, and are non-refundable. They ARE transferable to a person who complies with age and weight requirements. Please note any extensions of GV validity after the expiry date will incur a revalidation fee of $100. (No exceptions)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age to go tandem skydiving?

12 years old is the minimum age to go tandem skydiving, without prior approval by the Australian Parachute Federation. If your child weighs less than 45kg, but is above the minimum age, please call us for more information.

Where do I meet you?

Raglan Dropzone – Follow the Bruce Hwy 6.5km from Mt Larcom towards Rockhampton. If you are coming from Rockhampton, drive 54km from the big roundabout. Turn into Gentle Annie Rd, then in 9.4km turn left onto Langmorn Rd. Our dropzone is 5.3km down on the left. A map and directions can be found by clicking here.

What facilities are there at your dropzones?

Our Raglan dropzone has clean toilets and a drinking fountain with cold water on site. Cold cans of soft drink are available for $2 a can ($2 coins only). Please bring your own food, as there are no facilities on site.

How long will I be there for?
Depending on weather conditions, staff, airways clearance and aircraft servicabilities you will spend between 1 and 6 hours with us. (But usually around an hour)

Can my friends/family watch me land?
Yes! If bringing spectators, please arrive 15 minutes before your booking time so we can give everyone a safety brief on where to watch your landing!

What do I wear?
Closed in shoes are mandatory. Wear jeans, or long shorts and in winter, bring a jacket – it’s cold up there!

Where do I collect my DVD’s and photos?

Photo and DVD packages can be collected from the office in Raglan, approximately 30 minutes after you’ve landed.

Can I bring my own GoPro?
No, APF regulations require a ‘C’ License to carry a camera during a skydive. No exceptions will be made to this regulation! Friends and family are welcome to take photos and video of your landing.

The weather is bad, when will I find out if my skydive is happening?
Depending on the conditions, we may call you to reschedule your skydive. In most cases, we won’t know if conditions are suitable until we arrive at the airport. Please don’t call us three days before your skydive and ask us about the weather.

More questions? Give us a call on (07) 3314 3664, or ask us on Facebook!

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